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A busy week for the Club

January 23rd brought Alan Barrett to us with lots of landscape images from his travels and some useful tips about the effect of different angles from which to shoot scenes. This was perhaps best demonstrated by his use of images from Iceland’s black sands where the glacial ice can appear either dramatic or insignificant depending on your angle of view.

Iceland 1
Iceland 2

He also made it clear that he was not afraid of blacken his images if he felt it more effective than bringing out the detail in shadows. His Antelope Canyon images demonstrate this.

Antelope Canyon 1
Antelope Canyon 2

And, finally, if you go out looking for BIG landscapes but the weather isn’t with you or something hinders you in achieving your aim, look down – your image might  be in the detail:

Dry river bed detail


Alan’s website with many more images can be found here.


Thursday 24th saw about twenty Club members at the Surrey Heath Museum for the Private Viewing of our Exhibition ‘Spring is Sprung’. 

The Club had been invited by Gillian Barnes-Riding, the Senior Heritage Officer at SHBC to provide twenty images on the theme ‘Spring’ and to be the first local organisation to mount an exhibition in the new location. That was quite a challenge! As one Club member said ‘ Seems we don’t do Spring!’. In fact, we DID manage to find twenty three images that gave different interpretations of the theme with an inevitable focus on flowers and blossom. 

Roger, Niall and I found the selection process a difficult one – there were not as many images as we had had for the earlier Hospital project and finding cohesion is more difficult than finding one shot. However, it has been done and is much appreciated by Gill as well as receiving many positive comments from those who were at the Private Viewing on Thursday.

I know many members support the Heritage Gallery and attend Thursday lunchtime talks, so do, please stop and have a look at the exhibition while you’re there.

Spring is Sprung
Opening the Exhibition
Thanking the Museum
The assembled gathering

Thanks are due to the photographers for allowing us to show their work, to those who worked in the background to mount, frame and hang the images and to everyone who takes the time to stop and visit when they are able.

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