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Belatedly, it is a pleasure to record the Club’s congratulations to Jean Hoyle on bringing home the Keith Hunt AV Trophy from Woking a couple of weeks ago. Many of us had seen and enjoyed Jean’s AV from Botswana last year when she won our own Barbara Burge competition. She had to make some adjustments for the Keith Hunt as the time allowed was shorter but the presentation -as always – was seamless and it was good to hear Walter Benzie, Immediate Past President of the Royal Photographic Society, pile praise on the ‘stunning’ presentation with every image worthy of high praise in its own right and music very appropriate to the theme.

Jean Hoyle  received the Keith Hunt AV Trophy from walter Benzie and Keith Hunt
Jean Hoyle receives the Keith Hunt AV Trophy from Walter Benzie and Keith Hunt

Mike Reed is to be congratulated on his third place in the competition with a very compelling presentation about the bombing of Coventry, which was even more poignant when a gentleman sitting near us asked to meet Mike, wanting to tell him that this event was one of his earliest memories!

Well done, both!!

Congratulations also to Marilyn Taylor on her overall first place in the SPA Individual PDI competition held last month and to all those from the Club whose images received a score of 5 from at least one of the three judges: Roger Hoyle, Jean Hoyle, Mark Wycherley and Mike Reed. Their images are on the SPA website here Following this link will also give you a good idea of the high standards we see from other clubs in the Federation.

You’re giving us a lot to live up to!


SPA Biennial Exhibition

Attention to all members from Mike Hillman:

The SPA Biennial Exhibition is being held at the Guildford House Gallery from Wednesday 2nd April until Saturday 26th April 2014.

Refer to the notification attached below and the SPA Exhibition Rules 2014 document.

As per clarification from Mike Hillman in the comments below, the five categories mentioned in the Exhibition Rules are:

1) Monochrome Print

2) Colour Print

3) Nature Print

4) Open Projected Digital Image (P.D.I)

5) Nature P.D.I.


Other information can also be found on the SPA website.


For all SPA Representatives and Secretaries

The SPA Biennial Exhibition is being held at the Guildford House Gallery from Wednesday 2nd April until Saturday 26th April 2014. The judging will take place on Saturday 1st March at Burpham Village Hall.

Every SPA club needs to appoint an Exhibition Liaison officer to consolidate the entries of its members.

Would you please let me know, by Monday 4th November, by email to, the club, name, email address and telephone number of that Exhibition Liaison officer?

The Liaison Officer’s duties will include collecting together the print entry forms, the prints, and the digital images from his/her club members. The digital images will need to be electronically consolidated onto CDs before being posted to Daniel Chiverton. The prints will need to be delivered to one of the six Regional Collection officers nearest to you by 13th February and collected again after 1st March. Further details will be sent to the Liaison officer in the first week of November.

We believe that this exhibition should, once again, be a showcase for the very best of Surrey and West Sussex’s photography and request that you will encourage as many of your members as possible to enter their work.

Marilyn Taylor
Chairman – Exhibitions and Events Committee


Introducing “teamSPA”

WCCC is a member of the Surrey Photographic Association, and we have been asked to share this recent SPA announcement with you:


The SPA Committee have been considering how our Federation could encourage clubs, and their members, to give us greater access to high quality images that could improve our showing in the PAGB Inter Federation competitions.

“teamSPA” is intended to widen our access to high quality images from photographers in all our member clubs, and to ensure that photographers in clubs that choose not to compete in InterClub competitions also have an opportunity for their work to be selected for SPA Federation entry into PAGB National Competitions.

You can learn more about the project from the pdf document here:

The SPA will be issuing more detailed information shortly, but at the end of the document there is an email address where you can register interest in partcipating.