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Int. Competition Judges

Here are the pages for members to place their own vote and see the current total scoring of other members for each (SPA) internal competition judge.

The scoring is automatically opened by the website before each competition, and automatically closed at midnight 10 days later. This is so that the competition secretary can summarise all the members’ inputs, and submit the combined result to the SPA in a timely manner after each competition. Outside of these automatic open and close times, you cannot enter a vote for the relevant judge.

Each member can vote only once for each question for each judge. You need to press the vote button below each question for each question you answer in order to log each of your votes.

Once you have given your vote to a question, you cannot change that vote. Voting is optional for any one judge, but if you do decide to score that judge, in order to help us, please give a score for all the questions for that judge. In all cases please give honest scores after reflecting on the evening, and do not bias your results because of the scoring of your own submitted images.

[The website records your vote and username for each question you answer, such that each member can only vote once for each question.]

Current Season
2020-2021 season


Previous Seasons
2019-2020 season
2018-2019 archive
2017-2018 archive
2016-2017 archive
2015-2016 archive
2014-2015 archive
2013-2014 archive
2012-2013 archive
2011-2012 archive