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Print file submission

Print image file entries are submitted by e-mail to the Internal Competition Secretary using the: e-mail address.
[ As a simple way, click here to launch your e-mail client, primed with the correct Print secretary e-mail address and an e-mail title prefilled. Please edit the e-mail title to show your division and the correct competition round, prepare and attach your zip file following the instructions below and edit/add the appropriate text explaining what your entries are.

NB: For above link to work, your browser must be configured to launch you standard mail client, and your mail client must also be configured correctly to connect to your chosen mail service servers. ]

1. Preparing your images for Print file entry

(Refer also to the Competition Rules).

The process is exactly the same as per PDI image file entries.

Please ensure you get the crop and alignment of your submitted file images the same as your mount apertures. Thanks!!

2. Submitting your images files

The submission must be made by midnight on the Friday preceding each competition.

To submit your images you should:

  1. Refer exactly as per PDI entries for file and folder naming.
  2. Refer exactly as per PDI entries for zipping up your named folder.
  3. Attach the zip file to an e-mail and include useful information to the mail such as which print competition round or competition you are entering (and on which date), the image titles (as per the file names also), and whether you want your entries to be considered as Nature entries in readiness for possible Paul Barrow Trophy nomination in the competition at the end of the season.
  4. Send the e-mail to the Internal Competition Secretary, at


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